More and more people are choosing cruises for their vacations because of their value, food, pampering, and family friendly, all-in-one atmosphere.  Romance, variety, reunions, new experiences, and simplicity also rank high on the list of reasons for choosing a cruise vacation. No matter the reason for choosing one, a cruise is great value, offering relaxation and fun in a family-friendly atmosphere with good food and entertainment all in one unique location.

There are not many other holiday options which offer the all-in-one experience like a cruise vacation. On a cruise you can visit multiple destinations while not changing rooms and having to constantly pack and unpack your luggage. A cruise vacation affords you the chance to enjoy your choice of several entertainment and fine dining options, all which are located steps away from your room. Most cruises offer nightly entertainment, which may include comedians, live bands, and other live acts. They also offer dancing, casinos, and additional entertainment options for children. The deck offers sunbathing, swimming, shuffleboard and other outside activities. All of this can be enjoyed while traveling between destinations. When the ship docks, the various locations may be explored and local culture sampled. There is no need to scour the phone book and maps to find restaurants, they are right there on the ship.

Speaking of food, most cruise ships hire top quality chefs and cooks for their kitchens. Many of these chefs studied at very prestigious culinary institutes and come highly recommended. For instance, Georges Blanc, a world-renowned master chef from France, has become the signature chef for Carnival Cruise Lines. Most ships offer several cuisine options and several different restaurants. Menu options for every palette make the cruise experience great for families. Kid friendly cuisine, alongside fine dining choices make family dining an enjoyable event.