Documentation Requirements

Weddings in Bali

Dream weddings and romantic honeymoons, that’s the promise of planning your wedding in Bali. Whether your dream is a simple, romantic ceremony on the beach at sunset, or a more formal occasion in one of the beautiful chapels, Bali wedding packages will make your dream a reality.

With Essence Tours, your Bali wedding package means tying the knot amongst un-spoilt beaches, misty highlands and beautiful temples. Surround yourself with friends and family in one of the most magical places on earth. Couples who are of one of the five (5) religions recognised by Government of Indonesia: ie. Christian (2) (Protestant and Catholic), Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist may be legally married in Indonesia. The marriage should be registered with the district Civil Registrar and the ceremony must be performed under religious rites.

There are three ceremonies you can choose from:

  • Commitment ceremony
  • Legal wedding
  • Renewal of vows

Bali Commitment Ceremony

This Bali wedding package is suitable for those who do not want a full legal wedding, but simply want to express their love and mutual commitment to each other. This ceremony is not legally recognised and cannot be registered

Legal Weddings in Bali

To have a legal wedding in Bali, Indonesian law requires that a religious ceremony precedes a civil ceremony. Couples who have not had a religious wedding in their own country and who want to be legally married in Bali would need this type of ceremony.

With the Essence Tours Bali wedding package an ordained and English-speaking Minister, from your faith, will conduct the wedding ceremony with the exchange of vows and wedding rings, and the pronouncement of the marriage. You can add your own words / personal vows if you wish.

A Civil Registrar will then complete the ceremony by repeating the wedding vows together with the obligations of the husband and wife based on the laws of Indonesia, thereby legalising your marriage.

You will receive two certificates at the end of the wedding ceremony, one issued by the Minister and the other from the Indonesian Government issued by the Civil Registrar.

H3 – Wedding Documentation Requirements

Documentation required for application to the registrar and minister:

  • Photocopy of details page of passport
  • Photocopy of FULL Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of Divorce or Death Certificate if either party previously married
  • 8 passport sized photographs of the couple, head and shoulders only, looking straight ahead (ladies shoulders must be covered as this is a Muslim country). One of these photographs will appear on the wedding certificate. Once sighted by your travel agent you will be required to take the photos with you to Bali with the rest of your documentation. These photos will be attached to your Marriage Certificate
  • If possible a copy of Baptism Certificate (if not the year and place of Baptism will do: e.g. Brisbane 1973
  • Details of names, addresses, professions of witnesses. Two (2) witnesses are required. If you do not have any witnesses the resort will arrange for you
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

Application Details:

Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Australia

  • Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia obtain this document from the Australian Consulate in BALI ONLY. It is necessary to apply in person after arriving in Bali and is generally issued on the spot for a fee of AUD110.00 (subject to availability), to be paid in Rupiah at the time of application. Couples will need to present original Passports, Birth Certificates, and Divorce or Death Certificates if previously married. They will also be required to sign a “Statutory Declaration” swearing they are free to marry.

New Zealand Passport Holders

  • Please note: If you have a New Zealand passport different procedures apply and will take approximately 6 – 8 weeks to process. Please advise your travel agent.

Please note:

If not an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia please advise, because the procedure for the Certificate of No Impediment is different for each country.

(e.g. Passengers may need to go via Jakarta to visit their consulate before being married in Bali).

Renewal of Vows

This simple Bali wedding package is for couples who are already legally married and who wish to confirm their continued love and commitment to each other on their journey through married life. This is not a formal wedding and will not be registered.

Notice of Intended Marriage forms are available from Essence Tours – simply call 1300 110 517, or email