Catholic Weddings

Requirements of a Catholic Wedding

  1. All marriages (except in case of necessity) are performed in the Catholic Church or Resort Chapel
  2. Documents required:  Baptismal Certificate for all baptized Christians
  3. Letter of Freedom to Marry from the Parish Priest of the Parish to which the Bride and Groom belong
  4. If a second or third valid marriage:
    a)   A Certificate of Death of previous spouse, or
    b)  A  Certificate of the Decree of Nullity granted by the Catholic Church
    (This is not a civil divorce, or a civil decree of nulity or of Department)
  5. If the marriage is a con-validation of a previous civil marriage or a marriage that is not valid in the eyes of the Cahtolic Church, a Certificate of this marriage containing date, location, etc is required.
  6. In all cases (except as in #5), a Fijian Government Licence is required - no Licence is require in the situatio nmention in number 5.
  7. A letter from the spouses' Parish Priest stating that the couple understand the marriage covenant - preferably from having done a pre-marriage Catholic instructin course.

All these documents must be originals, not copies, and must be in the hands of the Priest performing the marriage at least on month before the ceremony.  If any are missing the marriage will have to be deferred.  When the originals of the documents required in 4(a) and 4(b) have been sighted and copied, they will be returned.  All the documents go into the Parish marriage files