Weddings in Samoa

Weddings in Samoa

Tropical sunsets, barefoot walks on the beach an aquamarine ocean, nothing could be more romantic than a wedding in Samoa. You can be certain of an unforgettable big day with Samoa wedding packages from Essence Tours.

It’s hard to imagine anywhere more beautiful to start your married life than Samoa. With our Samoa wedding packages you can choose the perfect setting for your day – an old church with a singing choir, a tropical garden with fragrant scents filling the air, by the sparking water at the base of a waterfall or a secluded beach on an uninhabited island at sunset. It’s no wonder Samoa is such a special wedding destination.

Ensure your special day is a dream come true with an Essence Tours Samoa wedding planner. Catering to your every need, our Samoa wedding planner will guarantee that a Samoan wedding is more affordable, and far less stressful than a wedding at home. It’s the most romantic day of your life and that’s why we ensure handle every last detail.

Couples relish the opportunity to select their perfect ceremony location together. From lagoon-side bungalows to secluded beach-side spas and luxurious island hotels, the idyllic Samoan resorts listed on our website are certain to satisfy your needs. Most resorts offer exclusive Samoa wedding packages that allow you to select from a range of optional extras to personalise your ceremony.

A wealth of pristine beaches, lush rainforest and volcanic domes makes this fabled island on of the most beautiful but overlooked destinations in the pacific. Let a Samoa wedding planner help you achieve a Samoan wedding in paradise.

Documentation Requirements

You will need to provide:

  • Your birth certificate and passports.
  • If either party has been previously married and has since separated/divorced, then you will need to present a Decree Absolute (Divorce) document.
  • If you have been widowed then you will need to provide the death certificate of your spouse.
  • Parental consent if under the age of 21 years.
  • Scanned copies of these documents as well as a completed Intent to Marry form need to be sent to Essence Tours at least one month prior to travel, so that they can be lodged with the Ministry of Justice prior to your arrival.

It is essential that you take the originals with you.

  • All documentation should be in English and clear to read.
  • You will also need to be in Samoa at least four working days before your intended wedding date.
  • Many, if not most, of the Christian denominations are well represented in Samoa. You can have a religious celebrant or a non-religious celebrant perform your ceremony. The choice is yours.
  • If you require a Roman Catholic priest to perform the ceremony, you will need baptism certificates and written confirmation to marry from your local parish priest.