Our Asia

Exotic, fascinating, tantalising ...

The exotic East .... Asia fascinates, tantalises and enthralls you with its diverse cultures, ancient architecture, bustling cities, breathtaking scenery and culinary delights.

From the incense of the temples to the heady perfume of the frangipanni and the aromas of the spice markets, Asia awakens all your senses.

Its ever-changing landscape takes you on a visual journey from picture perfect white sand beaches and turquoise oceans to tropical jungles with exotic wildlife, to snow-capped mountains and vast open plains.

And, then there's the food! Asia isn't about eating, its about a culinary adventure .. it tickles your taste buds with a stimulating journey for the palate! From volcanic Indian curries, to tempting dim sums, chilli crabs at a beachside stall on the Bay of Thailand, delicious satays in Bali and the menu goes on..

Join us as we discover some of the beautiful countries of Asia