Cook Islands

Kia Orana  ... Welcome to the Cook Islands!

The Cook Islands are made up of 15 islands scattered over some 2 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean. They lie in the centre of the Polynesian Triangle, flanked to the west by the Kingdom of Tonga and Samoa and to the east by Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.

The Islanders are a proud people with a rich culture and a lush tapestry of traditions that entwine with their daily lives. As part of their welcome to you, you are invited to share their customs and culture, and in this way become one with them.

It's easy to fall into the gentle rythm of their lives and experience the soothing qualities of their ocean, beaches, valleys and hills. Explore their string of islands at your own pace. Enjoy the powerful connection they have with their boundless, unspoilt natural environment that is their home.

The beauty and charm of their islands is matched only by the friendliness of their people. Here, among your island friends, you will find the hospitality warm and spontaneous, the music and dancing exuberant, the mood relaxed.

Cook Islanders share a genuine care for others and, as they have chosen to retain and preserve much of their old ways, their cherished culture lives on. This is openly expressed with song, dance and an easy pace of life, uncomplicated by the turmoil of the outside world. You're invited to share this unique lifestyle whilst you are their guest.

Polynesian identity can be found in everyday life, in dance and drama and at various events throughout the year, particularly during Te Maeva Nui Constitution Celebrations. This is a time to renew the warrior's might and the dancers grace - a time when heritage excels, However, it is the songs of the Kaparima, the hymns of the Sunday choir, and pride in traditional crafts that exists in the day-to-day lives of their people.

Come and experience the Cook Islands!