We are Matai ... Fiji Island Specialists!

Come with us on a tour of a discovery. A tour that will take you beyond the beautiful white sand beaches and into the heart and soul of Fiji.  We'll take you off paddling through awesome gorges, swimming under majestic waterfalls that were legendary playgrounds of the gods, and diving some of the world's best reefs.

You'll discover the real Fiji... its people, their culture and their legends.

Fiji is a land of age-old rituals, An ancient heritage composed of many diverse elements based on the well-being of the extended family. Enjoy a traditional Fijian welcome and watch the traditional yaqona or kava being prepared. Feast on local dishes prepared in the lovo, the underground oven. Traditional villages and bustling markets bring out the charm of everyday life and glorious festivals enrich the calendar, like the Hibiscus Festival or Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Fiji is for discovering underwater treasures. Countless miles of virgin reef are home to millions of tropical fish. Diving in the year round warm waters is an outstanding experience. Walls, tunnels, grottoes, big fish and small fish provide the action. Live-aboard deep-sea vessels provide the opportunity for some of the most exciting game-fishing in the world, while the quieter waters of the lagoons provide the peace for the exponent of both the spinning and fly rod.

But above all, Fiji is for fun, for discovering your own private island, for being as busy as you want, or for doing absolutely nothing. Fiji ... where you have all the time in the world.