Surfing in Fiji

Fiji is fast developing a reputation for delivering some of the best waves in the world, on breaks that are, as yet, not well-known and still uncrowded. Unlike the surf in Australia and California, surf in Fiji breaks on to coral reefs, and is very influenced by the state of the tide.

Unaffected by the drag of the Continental Shelf, Fijian waves rise out of depths of 3000m to encounter the abrupt slope of the coral reef, where the resulting, more powerful, wave produces some awesome, grinding barrels and some of the world's most challenging rides. The crystal clear waters add to the thrill of the ride, as the reef seemingly speeds by just centimetres beneath you.

The Breaks

On the main island of Viti Levu, there are at least 16 good surfing locations to choose from between Nadi and Suva, from the gnarly right hander at Wilkes, to the powerful, hollow lefthander at Natadola, the Sigatoka beach breaks and the long, awesome barrels of Frigate Passage. Some breaks are paddle distance, but most of the locations are only accessible by boat, and are at their best during specific weather and tide conditions.

What to Take

With water temperature a comfortable 25C in winter through to 29C in summer, anytime is a good time to surf in Fiji, and board shorts and rashy usually suffice. However, for protection, we recommend you take a short john, booties and helmet if you have one.

Most importantly, don't forget your partner. There'll plenty of time to relax and some balmy tropical nights to enjoy.