Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa group consists of six main islands and numerous smaller islets. The archipelago, which stretches in a north-easterly direction for more than 80 kilometers from a point 40 kilometers north-west of Lautoka, is volcanic in origin and very mountainous, with peaks ranging from 250 to 600 meters in height.

Until 1987, it was the policy of the Fiji government that the Yasawa Group was closed to land-based tourism. There has been limited cruise operations since the 1950s, but passengers had to stay aboard their ships, and so the Yasawa Islands remained in their pristine state.

In more recent times, a number of budget resorts have been established throughout the region, catering for backpackers and alternative travelers, along with the boutique resorts of Nanuya Island Resort, Navutu Stars, Viwa Island Resort and Yasawa Island Resort which offer excellent three, four and five star accommodation.