New Caledonia

New Caledonia

A lifetime of happiness together begins right here. New Caledonia flaunts some of the most stunning and diverse scenery of any islands in the South Pacific. With turquoise waters lapping at pure-white sandy shores New Caledonia is exotic yet undoubtedly French. There’s nothing like a New Caledonia honeymoon for the ultimate romantic getaway.

Celebrate your union in a little corner of paradise on earth, surrounded by a romantic French ambience. A sun-drenched New Caledonia honeymoon is the stuff that dreams are made of. The third largest island in the Pacific, New Caledonia is a mere 1,500 km east of the coast of Australia. From coast to coast, New Caledonia is home to surprising and remarkably diverse landscapes. A mountain range separates the Grande Terre (the main island) into two coasts, both with distinct characteristics.

Spend quality time together on your in the southwest. Noumea is the urban heart of the country as is much like a European city, right here in Melanesia. Stroll hand in hand with your loved one as you take in the pavement cafes, luxury boutiques and pristine beaches. Palm trees give the city a French Riviera feel, while its relaxed atmosphere and endless blue skies make you realise that you’re in the heart of the Pacific.

To the North of Noumea, along the west coast you’ll discover endless plains for livestock farming. For the intrepid travelers you’ll have the opportunity to meet the Broussards: “cowboys” of the Pacific, with their adventurous spirit and colourful personality. This unique region is also home to picturesque beaches and, in the far north, a archipelago of islands, whose waters team with wildlife.

Wetter and steeper, the east coast has a fertile volcanic soil with lush vegetation, emerald-green valleys and stunning waterfalls, ideal for trekking and exploring.

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