Captain James Cook was the first European to come to Tanna in August 1774, after seeing the glowing light of the volcano in the sky. The HMS "Resolution" landed in a small bay, which he named Port Resolution. Cook requested permission to climb the volcano, but because of traditional taboos, he was refused.

As common throughout the islands, the 19th century was an era of trading, fighting and killing. Missionaries seemed to have a particularly hard time of it and frequently ended in the cooking pot. Today, the 20,000 odd inhabitants of the island have retained much of their original custom and culture, and dances and custom ceremonies are held throughout the year.

Fortunately, they now refrain from cooking their "dinner guests" and Tanna's Mount Yasur Volcano is considered to be the safest and most easily accessed volcano in the world today.
To really appreciate this island, especially Yasur Volcano, we recommend at least a 5 night stay to experience and appreciate all the Custom, Culture and natural beauty Tanna has on offer.